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Trending, Trademarks & Traction

Did you know that local libraries offer an immense amount of free resources that can help entrepreneurs? This great seminar covers these helpful options for learning about trends in business, trademarks, and how to build traction with your new business.  

Our first speaker, Sarah Hartman-Caverly from the Penn State Berks Library, will help you with product and service design by discussing problem solving and trends in consumer activity. She will also be doing a demo of free web trend watching resources.

Our second speaker, Jesse Royer from the Reading Public Library will elaborate on ways you can best utilize free resources in business planning, market discovery, competition, B2B analysis and local consumer interests while providing a demo of Reference USA.

Finally, Karen Klein from Fulcrum Information Resources will join us to discuss protecting your intellectual property with a focus on trademarks and copyrights, then close the session with a demo of the US Patent and Trademark Office’s online database. 

All three of the panel speakers are very experienced and knowledgeable, so you’re not going to want to miss out on this opportunity, come join us October 10th from 6:30-8:30pm! Please register!



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August 29, 2019