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We are pleased to offer the expertise of local innovators as consultants to help you grow, build and launch your ideas. Each has specific specialties so please contact us for help in connecting with the best person based on your goals.

Paul Esqueda

Dr. Paul D. Esqueda is a Professor of Engineering. His areas of interest are project management, negotiations, and operations management. He has a particular interest in developing negotiation case studies. For the last 30 years, Esqueda has been primarily dedicated to administration in academic institutions. Past positions include Division Head of Engineering, Business, and Computing at Penn State Berks; Dean of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Administration (IESA) in Caracas, Venezuela and President of the Engineering Research Institute also in Caracas. Esqueda served as a consultant for the European Union to review the European Union Latin American Scholarship Program from 2003-2008. He was part of a 20 expert panel (10 from Europe and 10 from Latin America) that met every year in Brussels to audit the program and advise the EU on the development of the program.

Carl Godlove

Carl is an Executive and Leadership Coach and founder of Godlove Group, LLC at He has nearly forty years of business experience, twenty as CEO, and is professionally educated and trained in the art and science of ontological coaching through the Newfield Network ICF ACTP school in Boulder, Colorado. He engages both corporately and privately with executives, organization leadership, start-up founders and entrepreneurs across the US. His approach helps individuals and teams improve their effectiveness and create the future and results they desire through enhanced situational and self-awareness.

James Laurie

Mr. Laurie became a full-time faculty member at Penn State Berks in 2006 upon retirement from a global Fortune 200 corporation. Mr. Laurie teaches International Business, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Estate Planning, and Contemporary Business Skills. He collaborated with the Campus Center for Learning & Technology in developing an interactive game wherein a player’s ultimate profitability is dependent on randomized changes in exchange rates, consumer demand, competition and tariffs.

The last 17 years of his corporate career were managing over $3 billion of assets for retirement plans. He is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) with several years of experience in public accounting, internal audit and forensic accounting. He served four years in the U.S. Air Force in computer systems development.


Ed Sauer

For most of his career Ed managed engineering and manufacturing businesses while teaching mechanical engineering as an Adjunct Professor at Drexel University. Since joining Penn State, he has built relationships with local manufacturing companies while teaching freshmen and senior courses in engineering design projects and various engineering technology courses. Ed leads the Berks Learning Factory where local companies collaborate with Penn State Berks students on real industrial design projects.

Marietta Scanlon

Dr. Scanlon is an Assistant Teaching Professor of Engineering at Penn State Berks. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Scanlon’s research interests include innovative 3D printing and scanning methods, as well as the use of mixed reality in education. As a result of her research, Scanlon founded Trimatis, LLC, a company that converts plastic waste into 3D printer filament. She is actively supporting other ventures started by Penn State Berks students.

Joseph Sinclair

Joe earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering in 2015. Joe started his college education at Penn State Berks and then went on to University Park. His interest in Additive Manufacturing and 3-D printing was sparked while at Berks where he started Joe’s Rapid Prototyping as a hobby that later became Solid Dynamics LLC. Sinclair has recently received his first patent and has several patents pending that increase efficiency of the 3-D printing process.