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Community Partners

We Partner With


ASSETS is a non-profit organization focused on transforming communities through business. They are a diverse team of experts with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, social change, and economic development.

Berks Agriculture Resource Network (B.A.R.N.)

Berks Agriculture Resource Network (B.A.R.N.) was formed in 2008 as a non-profit organization to serve the Berks County agricultural and related food industries and rural communities.

Berks Nature

Berks Nature is the leading agent for the conservation of the environment in Berks County.

Blue Mountain Academy Agriculture

Blue Mountain Academy Agriculture provides local produce including free range chicken eggs, along with sorghum, soybeans, yellow corn meal, soy flours, lemon balm, chocolate mint and spearmint tea, sprouts, wheat grass, organic applesauce, and more!

Greater Reading Chamber Alliance

GREATER READING CHAMBER ALLIANCE is the largest business organization in the region and serves as a catalyst for economic growth. They offer support to both small and large businesses.

The United Way of Berks County

The United Way of Berks County helps people in need, addresses our county’s critical issues and makes our community a better place for everyone. 

The Philadelphia Food Trust

The Philadelphia Food Trust has developed a comprehensive approach to improving food access which combines nutrition education and increased availability of healthy, affordable foods. 

Wholesome Wave

Wholesome Wave provides direct purchasing power so that underserved people can choose fruits and vegetables at grocery stores or farmers markets. Our programs include: SNAP doublingWholesome Rx, and other direct-to-consumer initiatives.