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Featured Ventures


Darryl Lawler, a Penn State Berks Junior, merged his engineering expertise with his passion for gardening to help jump-start an aeroponic* business model for Reading. With a combined vision for improving local food access and innovation within the farming community, Darryl continues working with the LaunchBox and Berks County officials to develop a sustainable business operation.

*Aeroponics is a version of hydroponics, or soil-less growing, that requires less water usage.


 Trimatis is the result of a research project started by Dr. Marietta Scanlon, assistant teaching professor in engineering at Penn State Berks (now CEO) and Jason Lehrer (Chief Technology Officer), a mechanical engineering student who recently graduated from Penn State Berks. Tito Orjih, an EMET student who completed an internship with an environmental non-profit, joined Dr. Scanlon and Lehrer to bring marketing and promotional skills to the company.

Trimatis is dedicated to addressing plastic waste by creating eco-filament (patent pending) for 3D printers. Trimatis was a finalist in the “Great Social Enterprise Pitch” competition, hosted by the Lancaster-based nonprofit ASSETS. On September 29, 2018, along with four other finalists, they pitched their business to a panel of judges and live audience and won second place.

World Brand

World Brand™ was founded in 2018 by Shanna Henry and Petros Pappalas, both Reading, Pennsylvania natives. Bearing witness to the devastation and impact that plastic pollution is wreaking on the planet, they conceived the idea to create a dye-free, biodegradable paper straw that was not only great for the environment, but a superior upgrade to the current paper straws on the market in terms of both aesthetic and function. Being raised in Reading, PA, Henry and Pappalas share a sense of pride in the history of their hometown and are inspired and devoted in helping to restore Reading’s longstanding foundation of manufacturing.