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The Berks LaunchBox and Penn State Berks Engineering students are 3D printing ear-savers for people with discomfort from wearing masks daily, plus headbands for Face Shields for COVID-19 protection. The ear-savers are a small plastic piece that goes across the back of your head that the ear straps hook into, relieving the pressure on the back of your ears. The original headband and face shield design came from Penn State grad Joe Sinclair of our coworking company, Verde Mantis

This team has delivered over 2000 pieces to the Berks PPE Resource Network to fulfill needs in the community. We are honored to be part of this collaboration that has delivered over 18,500 pieces in 3 weeks, helping over 180 organizations in Berks County!

The Berks PPE Resource Network is a coalition of dozens of ordinary people who are working together with their 3D printers to manufacture pieces for PPE equipment for healthcare workers, police and other first responders, and all those who are in essential positions that leave them vulnerable to exposure to COVID-19. 

Anyone with a 3D printer who wants to volunteer can register. If you need PPE request here. For additional details see these recent press releases about the project:
– press release about the student’s involvement in the project.
press release about the start of the project