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Our meetup held November 12, 2019, in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, showcased Latin American perspectives on cross-border business development. Our two speakers have had very different experiences yet are both highly technical individuals focused on growing their businesses and advancing their communities.

Fermin Diaz is VP of the The Society of Hispanic Professionals, Hazelton, and serial entrepreneur with businesses in construction, engineering, and the restaurant industry. He shared that as an immigrant in the United States, one if his biggest challenges is needing to be twice as informed, educated and proactive (like a swiss army knife) than his counterparts, while learning the culture and language.

He shared that relationships and giving back to the community cannot be overemphasized. Other advice: don’t let language hold you back–use your technical skills to advance yourself in the community, use your passion to push you through the tough times.

Henning Bergold is the co-founder and Executive Director of Grupo Abstract which has a presence in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru and over (?)2,500 satisfied customers. Henning agreed that passion is a huge part of growing a business. His challenges include the political climate and guerilla groups in Colombia that tend to deter business. He suggested focusing and specializing in one area and using your hands-on experience to gain a competitive advantage in growing your business.

Both speakers stressed the importance of continually learning in your field, to remain one step ahead of your competition.

Thank you to all of our attendees and speakers, we greatly enjoyed meeting you!

¡Gracias a todos nuestros asistentes y oradores, disfrutamos mucho conocerles!