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If you’ve ever broken a bone or wounded a joint you know how long the recovery process can be, and just how annoying your sling, cast, etc. can become. Adaptive Orthopedix LLC is here to ease that recovery process for you with more comfortable, and breathable orthopedic equiptment. They do this with better weight distribution, increased design comfort, and better materials. They’re calling their first product the Suresupport arm sling. Adaptive Orthopedix’s main target markets are mature men and women who need arm slings. The team consists of Nickolas McTish, the design engineer; Madison Wojciechowski, the material scientist; Dr. Marietta Scanlon, as a mentor; and Dr. Martin Ross, an orthopedic surgeon at Penn State Health Saint Joseph who works as a medical advisor. These four individuals are all knowledgeable and experienced, in fact, Madison Wojciechowski came in 2nd place in a local competition for women in engineering. Madison’s research was focused on the use of advanced additive manufacturing techniques to design, optimize, and characterize orthopedic support.

The goal of the Suresupport arm sling design is to become comfortable enough that it is worth purchasing rather than just accepting a free sling from the doctor’s office. Once the product is brought to market, they hope to obtain backing from a local orthopedic surgeon, then market the product to other local medical institutions. With a concept proven, Adaptive Orthopedix will pursue licensing the Suresupport arm sling to an established company within the sector of orthopedic devices.