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If you’ve ever thought about starting a workout routine by going to the gym but were intimidated because of other people watching you as a beginner, or maybe you were intimidated by not knowing how to lift the weights properly. Vytah-fit is here to help you. Vytah-fit is a company started by Penn State Berks Engineering students Masen Suhadolnik, Karl Bruhn, Bradley Owens, Ricky Romaniello, and Tobias Welk. Masen Suhadolnik got the idea for Vytah-fit at the gym, where between sets he noticed people improperly lifting weights, and he had a desire to help these people. So, they designed a technology that measures velocity, acceleration, and displacement of motion that will help people new to the gym learn how to correctly lift weights and achieve their fitness goals.

Vytah-fit not only will teach people the proper form to lift weights, but it will also help greatly to cut down on injuries suffered from improper form which can be very damaging and can discourage people from keeping up their gym routine. Now Vytah-fit is moving towards advancing the business side of their technology, and it has been passed on to a different group of students with Masen still involved, they hope to introduce their product to more and more gym-goers to help everyone accomplish their fitness goals the right way.

Vytah Fit Press Release