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Penn State Berks “Engineering Ahead” students spent time at the Berks Launchbox in July finding solutions to problems that focused on thinking outside the box, while utilizing 3D printers to print a boat they designed in Solidworks. Back on campus, they are going to see which boat design can hold the most weight without sinking.

Dr. Ryan Hassler does a great job introducing and connecting these new students to faculty, alumni and industry, which gives them a huge head start as they begin their first year as engineering majors at Penn State Berks.

The summer-bridge, PSU Berks Engineering Ahead Program aims to create a support system and provide academic enhancement for incoming Engineering students from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to ensure success in college. Intense exposure to mathematics as well as basic skill building hands-on activities, typical of the Engineering disciplines, forms the curricular backbone of the program. The students continue to have fall and spring, 1-credit courses with Dr. Hassler to continue the support throughout their freshman year. They also have the opportunity to take part in a 4-week summer program at University Park after their 1st year, which focuses on preparing them for their 2nd year math/science courses.

Check out some pictures from their visit below.

Taught by: Ryan S. Hassler, PhD
Assistant Teaching Professor Mathematics
Engineering Ahead Coordinator