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The Langan Launchbox (now Berks LaunchBox) and Dickinson Law School hosted a joint Meetup at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts on October 23rd. This event, entitled “Licensing and Company Creation,” was a first-time collaboration between the two groups.

Kamron Abedi, a third-year law student, and his colleagues facilitated a discussion of the legalities involved when starting a business. Their professor, Samantha Price, LLM, assisted them in the question and answer portion. The law students are studying Business law. As their professor explained, it is good experience for them to do presentations to ensure that they understand the material.

One of the biggest concepts discussed was the need and the role of an attorney while businesses are in the startup process. It is better to have an attorney review your paperwork to avoid problems down the line. Attorneys can be costly, but it is financially beneficial to speak with someone before more costly problems arise. Abedi explained that laws and entities vary by state, so it is important to speak with a local attorney. Abedi also recommended that an attorney does your partnership agreements in order to make it legally binding. There are less costly ways to file the paperwork online, but this can create problems down the road.

This event was attended by approximately forty people. The next Launchbox Meetup will be held on November 14th at the GoggleWorks. This Meetup will discuss virtual and augmented reality and Gaming. Our speakers will discuss Serious Games, Fun Games and Esports. Serious games are games designed for things like corporate training, brand advertising, simulations and gamified workplace experiences.  Join us to learn from the experts about these trends and opportunities in the industry.