Protecting Your Company from Cyber Attacks

Protecting Your Company from Cyber Attacks

Learn how to keep your company and customers safe!

Cybercriminals get better at malicious activity every day, while people are becoming less forgiving toward businesses that fail to protect their data. Around 30% of consumers surveyed by Bank of America said they wouldn’t return to a small business that suffered a data breach, up from 20% two years ago. The same survey found that breaches of small businesses are becoming more common and more costly. More than one in five small to medium businesses reported a data breach within the last 24 months, up 17% from two years ago. 41% of small businesses reported suffering a breach that cost more than $50,000 to recover from. Numbers like this should serve as a wake-up call. Every small business needs to educate themselves and develop a security strategy to protect their data.

• Actionable steps small businesses can take to be safer
Steve Pressman, Alpine Cyber Solutions, President
• Human Hacking through phishing and stolen credentials
Mark Viglione, Enigma Networkz a SaaS Cybersecurity Company, Owner
• Understanding Insider Threats: employees, malicious insiders, & agents
Andrew Price, Senior Manager, Security
• Consumer Data Privacy
Joe Chiarella, Strategic Focus Alignment, Executive Adviser

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March 18, 2020

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