Bookkeeping Basics for Business Owners

Bookkeeping Basics for Business Owners

The Bookkeeping Basics for Business Owners is a 16-hour online course that teaches small business owners the basics of bookkeeping.  The objective is to give leaders enough information to hire and manage a professional bookkeeper.  Participants will learn basic accounting for a small business including proper terminology, the accounting cycle and gain a general understanding of month end procedures. Completion of this course will enable business owners to oversee the job duties of the bookkeeper, understand the finances of their business, and make sound financial decisions for their business.

Week 1: Introduction to Bookkeeping
Week 2: General Accepted Accounting Principles and The Accounting Cycle
Week 3: The Bookkeeping Process
Week 4: Month End Procedures

The fee for this course is $425.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • Understand the bookkeeping process and the importance of timely and accurate record keeping
  • Be able to state the five accounting categories and be able to classify accounts
  • Be able to create a chart of accounts for a small business
  • Learn about Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Be able to state the eight steps in the accounting cycle
  • Understand what double entry bookkeeping is and the rules of debits and credits
  • Have a general understanding of month end procedures for a business
  • Understand the importance of financial statements for a small business and the information they provide the business owner

This course is held entirely online via the Canvas platform. Students will complete 4 hours of work each week for 4 weeks.

Register Now: February 3 – 29, 2020 Register Now: May 4 – 29, 2020


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November 17, 2019

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