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At Lauer’s Park Elementary School in Reading, PA, select students get to spend their lunch with a Goggleworks artist, monthly.

This month, 24 children in grades 1-4 got to spend their lunchtime stretching their brains with LaunchBox Coordinator, Patricia Leshinskie. Together they talked about:
– having a growth mindset
– never giving up
– looking at things from different perspectives
– when they reach an obstacle, find another way to reach their goal.

They listened to the story “Giraffes Can’t Dance” and worked on a worksheet about the power of “Yet”. “I cannot do this YET, but I can do these other things.” They also worked on a “30 Circle Challenge” to encourage creative confidence, problem solving skills and  thinking outside of the box.

The kids shared about holidays gifts they had received….some children got sand boxes or Legos while other received Easy Bake Ovens. All will be able to find solutions to their next big challenge if they “stretch their brains”.

The next generation of problem solvers…..