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Campus Cars, Inc. is a unique car sharing solution for college students with short-term transportation needs. Jovan Tate, Founder and CEO, started Campus Cars in 2018 while attending Penn State Berks. Tate is currently working to validate company estimates and projections to show that there is a growing demand for this type of service on university campuses. The goal is to save students and their parent’s money, along with the headaches attributed to car ownership while on campus. Campus Cars will allow students that live on local university campuses to access vehicles conveniently located in parking lots on campus through a mobile app or website. Students can join the service for a monthly or hourly fee. 

Two Penn State Berks Alums are advising Tate, including,Adrean Turner, owner Turner Coaching and Consulting and John Gilmore, former Nittany Lions star and NFL Veteran, Executive Director of Brandthumb, and the Gilmore | Henne Community Fund. Coach Adrean has been providing direction and support while John Gilmore has been instrumental with branding and marketing efforts.  

Campus Cars was one of the first startups the Berks LaunchBox has had the pleasure of working with. Tate shared, “The Berks LaunchBox has played a significant part in the development of my business from the very beginning. Through the LaunchBox services, I was able to meet new and inspirational people and identify potential funding sources, plus the amount of emotional support and received encouragement has truly kept me going.

Keep it up Jovan, we can’t wait to see how Campus Cars, Inc. grows!