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The Berks LaunchBox is a great resource located in Reading at the Goggleworks Center for the Arts, and you can now become a member to access the makerspace. Berks LaunchBox has two membership options available, a full year membership for $99, or a 4-month membership for $40.  If you’re looking to pursue the 4-month option, the cycle is as follows, January-April; May-August; September-December.

With a membership, the Berks LaunchBox gives you access to software such as Tinkercad and Solidworks. Also, you can use all equipment/tools after you’ve completed any necessary safety training, and you are given access to trained staff and experienced mentors. Additionally, you will receive discounts on workshops that have an associated fee.  As a member, included is one spool of Dremel PLA Filament and five prototypes from the laser cutter. After using these resources, if you wish to continue using the 3D printers or laser cutter, you must purchase your own spool of Dremel PLA Filament and laser cutter materials, both of which must be approved by the LaunchBox Staff.  We hope that you decide to get a membership at the Berks LaunchBox, you won’t want to miss out on the world of opportunities available to you!

Become a member today!