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Debilitating lung diseases can alter someone’s life forever. The rise of these chronic diseases means an increase in the number of oxygen tanks required for people to survive. Reel Oxygen LLC, headquartered in Reading, PA, creates products specializing in oxygen management and mobile oxygen transportation for those who have a debilitating respiratory impairment.

Their product, the Oxygen Hose Retractor, specializes in oxygen mobility. This device allows patients the freedom to move upwards of 100 feet from their oxygen source, allowing free movement while still obtaining the required amount of oxygen needed. This can lessen the need for dragging around heavy portable oxygen tanks. The Oxygen Hose Retractor eliminates the risks of the oxygen tubing kinking or people tripping over the coiled-out tubing, both of which can cause serious, deliberating consequences.

The team of Penn State Berks students who developed this project look forward to moving forward with it.